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A simple idea: elusive genealogical data, reliable searchable databases & useful family history links, without the heavy-duty approach. We focus on hard-to-find records, with a total of c.411,740 records  with c.1.2million more on the way after 2-3 years solid collation of new data by 2 key contributors.  We welcome contributions, however small. A useful site guide is on the Site Intro’ & Legal pages (click). You can hit “back” to rejoin this page.                             

There are two initial “Search” areas accessed by the buttons to the left:
1) Census , contributions of transcriptions from all over the UK and
2) Databases - searchable records split by localised collections, ‘one name’ studies, and the main GenoGold database (collection of records from contributors research (we welcome anything from one record/spare certificate details to 100,000!), including indexed old books & private research notes.

What the press say:
“..every now and again something new comes along which makes you wish you had thought of it...easy to navigate, and the design is very professional and pleasing to the eye”...Rob Thompson, Family History Monthly, Nov’ 2004

“Site Contents’ page shows what’s recently been added & what is being prepared for the site soon.
Great Links! is just that - unusual links to great genealogy sites and ancestral records offerings.

Thanks for visiting (our visitor totals are shown on the left, and  are just that, we don’t count ‘page turns’ to boost our numbers!). Do leave any comments via the Contact page. We like feedback,and ideas,  so tell us what is useful to you!